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The 6th Issue of The Lacanian Review, Fall 2018 ‘URGENT!’Release Date: November 2018 –Free shippinguntil 4th November! BriefWith a series of...

The 6th Issue of The Lacanian Review, Fall 2018

‘URGENT!’Release Date: November 2018 –Free shippinguntil 4th November!

With a series of exceptional new translations of texts by Jacques Lacan and Jacques-Alain Miller, The Lacanian Review takes you into the space of the real unconscious and the last teachings of Lacan, reinterpreted to approach the urgency of our contemporary moment.

Presentation: The Lacanian Review 6 ‘URGENT!’


There is not a moment to lose. The acceleration of culture and the vertiginous pressure of the drive seem to collapse the instant to see, the time to understand and the moment to conclude. The urgent subject of the now cannot catch up to rapid cycles of political upheaval and social media streams turned into torrents of data. Production overflows consumption in a tidal wave of imaginary cacophony. How does psychoanalysis today respond to urgent times?For its 6th issue, The Lacanian Review (TLR) tasks the signifier, Urgent!, to orient the work of the New Lacanian School (NLS) in examining the urgent cases that occupy our clinic. Tracing the edge of the latest Lacan, Bernard Seynhaeve (President of the NLS) curated a series of newly established texts by Jacques Lacan and Jacques-Alain Miller, translated by Russell Grigg, appearing in the first ever bilingual featured section of TLR. Four lessons from the seminars of Jacques-Alain Miller frame this issue.

TLR 6 draws heavily from the work of the current Analysts of the School to explore four new fundamental concepts of psychoanalysis: PassReal UnconsciousUrgent Cases, and Satisfaction. Interviews with Angelina Harari (President of the WAP), Ricardo Seldes (Director of Pausa), and Lee Edelman (Professor of English Literature at Tufts University) elaborate fundamental concepts across the work of the School One, the clinic of applied analysis, and literary theory in dialogue with psychoanalysis. A groundbreaking orientation text by Éric Laurent from the 2018 Congress of the World Association of Psychoanalysis (WAP) will be published for the first time in English, along with clinical cases exploring transference and psychosis. And finally, approaching the problem of temporality in psychoanalysis, this issue spans Freudian time-management to the logic of the cut in the Lacanian Orientation. Make haste and subscribe to The Lacanian Review – It’s urgent!

AboutThe Lacanian Review

The Lacanian Review, the English language journal of the New Lacanian School (NLS) and the World Association of Psychoanalysis (WAP), publishes newly established texts by Jacques Lacan, Jacques-Alain Miller, and prominent international figures of the Lacanian Orientation. This semiannual print series features testimonies of the pass, new theoretical developments in Lacanian psychoanalysis, clinical cases, dialogues with prominent academics, and articles on contemporary culture, politics, art and science. Each issue explores a theme intersecting the symptoms of our era and emerging work in the NLS.


Marie-Hélène Brousse & Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff


Jacques LACAN,
Preface to the English Edition of Seminar XI
Préface à l’édition anglaise du Séminaire XI

Jacques-Alain MILLER,
The Real Unconscious
L’inconscient réel

Lee Edelman & Alicia Arenas,
Psychoanalysis and Urgency: A Dialogue

Jacques-Alain MILLER,
The Space of a Lapsus
L’esp d’un lapsus

Jacques-Alain MILLER,
The Space of a Hallucination
L’esp d’une hallucination

Sonia Chiriaco,
A Discreet Suture

Marina Frangiadaki,
A Nomination Faced with the Real of the Body

Carolina Koretzky,
From Indecision to In-Between


Jacques-Alain MILLER,
The Speaking Being and the Pass
La passe du parlêtre

Luis Erneta,
Satisfaction in the “Preface”

Domenico Cosenza,
Urgency and the Fall During Analysis

Patricia Tassara Zárate,
From the Urgency of an Anxiety to the Urgency of a Satisfaction’s Bien-Dire

Laurent Dupont,
The Urgency of the Analyst/Analysand

Maria Josefina Sota Fuentes,
In TimeAnne Béraud, Different Urgencies

Éric Laurent,
Disruption of Jouissance in the Madnesses Under Transference

Véronique Voruz,
Psychoanalysis: A Delusion not like the Others?

Véronique Voruz,
Suggestion, Awakening, Dupery

Dominique Holvoet,
Another Relation to the Real

Caroline Doucet,
Fate of the Too-much in the Outrepass

Bénédicte Jullien,
An Intermittent Solitude

Laura Sokolowsky,
The Times of Analysis and its Real

Pascale Fari,
The Cut and the Real of Time

Frank Rollier,
The Cartel’s Urgency

Malka Shein,
Two Comments on a Cartel

Nancy Gillespie,
Resonance and the Difference Between Polysemy and the Equivoque

Shlomo Lieber,
One (Un) Case

Serge Cottet,
Side-track: Back to School

Angelina Harari,
The Not-All Interview

Jorge Assef,
The Push to Hypervelocity

Ricardo Seldes,

Robert Buck,
Pay Attention Mother Fuckers

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