19 de August de 2019

The Lacanian Review #7: GET REAL

PRESENTATION In our Post-Truth era, reality is under attack. The contemporary moment is disoriented by fake news, chatbots, conspiracy theories…


In our Post-Truth era, reality is under attack. The contemporary moment is disoriented by fake news, chatbots, conspiracy theories and a digital flood of leaks, lies and revelations. On hold with automated phone answering services, one pleads to just talk to a real person. But we are also complicit, enjoying online avatars, virtual reality, augmented reality and cryptocurrency fueled binges.

Over a century ago, psychoanalysis learned from psychotic subjects that chasing after reality is folly. Reality is just another delusion in the service of the fantasy. To find an orientation amidst the proliferating loss of belief in reality experienced today, psychoanalysis must shift the question to find an exit from the reality trap. In its 7th issue, The Lacanian Review interrogates what is real in psychoanalysis.

TLR7 introduces a landmark translation by Philip Dravers of the late Lacan’s momentus and polyphonic

address, “The Third,” followed by texts exploring the Borromean clinic. Marie-Hélène Brousse curates a dossier that approaches the subject of the real through dialogue with quantum physics and new work by Philippe de Georges and Clotilde Leguil. Interviews with Matteo Barsuglia, astrophysicist at the National Center for Scientific Research in France and Catherine Pépin, researcher at the Institute of Theoretical Physics (IPhT) of the Atomic Energy Center at Saclay (France), advance a critical conversation between two discourses that delineates what we call reality and real.

Three new translations of Jacques-Alain Miller, published for the first time in English, examine truth, fiction and science in relation to the real as the impossible, but also the contingent. These lessons question whether we are in a Post-Truth era or the era of the Lying-Truth.

Attesting to the singular experience of the real in psychoanalysis, TLR 7 presents three testimonies of the pass of current Analysts of the School. Clinical cases, the politics of the real, biotechnology, and Lady Gaga with Hamlet are all assembled in this issue of The Lacanian Review, a journal which might not be of a semblant. Get Real!



The Lacanian Review, the English language journal of the New Lacanian School (NLS) and the World Associa- tion of Psychoanalysis (WAP), publishes newly established texts by Jacques Lacan, Jacques-Alain Miller, and prominent international figures of the Lacanian Orientation. This semiannual print series features testimonies of the pass, new theoretical developments in Lacanian psychoanalysis, clinical cases, dialogues with prominent academics, and articles on contemporary culture, politics, art and science. Each issue explores a theme inter- secting the symptoms of our era and emerging work in the NLS.


thelacanianreviews.com Orders: eurl.librairie@gmail.com / Attention: Pascale FariSubscribe: https://www.ecf-echoppe.com/categorie-produit/revues/the-lacanian-review/ Marie-Hélène Brousse, Editor in Chief
Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff, Managing Editor / cyrus.saint@gmail.com




Marie-Hélène Brousse & Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff

Writing the Real

Marie-Hélène Brousse, What’s Real? A Dialogue between Quantum Physicists and Psychoanalysts on Real and MatterMatteo Barsuglia, Marie-Hélène Brousse & David Mabille, The Real and the Metaphoric in Physics
Catherine Pépin, Marie-Hélène Brousse & Philippe de Georges, The Perfection of the Void
Clotilde Leguil, Truth, Post-truth, Real

Philippe de Georges, What’s Worth Being Said: For Truth and the Real in PsychoanalysisEx-sist

Jacques-Alain Miller, The Pass of Psychoanalysis towards Science: The Desire for KnowledgeThe Third

Jacques Lacan, The Third

Wefts and Knots: The Clinic of “The Third”

Marie-Hélène Brousse, Ordinary Psychosis
Dossia Avdelidi, Non-Triggerable Psychosis
Damien Guyonnet, On the Use of Verbal Hallucination
Jean-Luc Monnier, Extension of the Domain of Feminine Jouissance

Truth & Fiction

Jacques-Alain Miller, The Lying Truth
Jacques-Alain Miller, Psychoanalysis, A Structure of Fiction

Speaking A Real

Anne Béraud, The Amur of Amour
Bénédicte Jullien, Waiting for the Absent OneAurélie Pfauwadel, The Traumas of Discord


María Josefina Sota Fuentes, The Clinical Case: Interpretation and TransmissionLinda Clarke, A Kettle that Boils Over
Fouzia Taouzari, Being Mother at All Costs

Could be Worse . . . The Real of Politics

Martin Deleixhe, Pluralism and Political Uncertainties: Or Why Populists Increasingly Reject Both Migrants and DemocracyJean-Claude Milner, Lacan’s Later Work and the Declaration of the Rights of Man
José Armando García, How Can Psychoanalysis Understand the Phenomenon of Populist Movements Today?
Janet Haney, The Disorder of the Day: Climate Change and the Capitalist Discourse

For Real?

Elizabeth Rogers & Robert Buck, We’re Off the Deep End, Now
Catherine Massol, From Fine Letters to the Letter: The Tragedy of Hamlet or the Impossible InterpretationFrançois Ansermet, The Contemporary Body, Between Sense of Unease and Misunderstanding


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